Six Pack Exercises For Lower Abs – 3 Abdominal Blasting Workouts …

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Aim low if you want to build those extraordinary six pack abs. They can be your most-envied body part, if you give those lower abdominal muscles the attention they deserve.

Typically, when we develop a routine for working the midsection, we tend to use exercises that engage the total development of the abdominals. This approach is fine when all you are looking to do is build strength and mass. To develop and define the lower abdominals, we need to target those muscles that will help build your six pack. As you will discover, there are many different exercises for the lower abs. Sometimes, the more unusual routines can give you the best results.

Kick Boxing is a great stress-reliever and a highly-effective workout that can target the lower abs. every time you kick the heavy bag, the strands of lower abdominal muscle are triggered, which is what you need to strengthen and mold them into perfect shape.

Additionally, Kick Boxing is an awesome cardio workout. in order to show all of your hard work, you will need to reduce your overall body fat. So, why not kill two birds with one stone? find a boxing bag and try 100 repetitions with each leg. when performed correctly you will definitely feel it shredding your lower abs. after you have become more familiar working with a boxing bag, you should develop your round house kicks. You may need to get some initial coaching on this for proper form. Round house kicks are safer on the foot and far more effective for your lower abs.

Another exercise that is excellent for blasting those lower abs are Broomstick Twists. This is exercise requires an incline bench with ankle supports and a pole or stick long enough to accommodate your outstretched arms. Set your bench at a 45 degree angle. place your feet in the supports and sit upright. the stick should be positioned across your shoulders and behind your head, being held by your outstretched arms. As you twist right and then left with with the stick, you will absolutely feel this one the burn as it works your abdominals.

Finally, what routine would be complete without including a good crunch? Well, this variation will send you running from the gym or at least forcing you to vocalize the burn as you finish up your ab workout. As you near the end of your routine, Twisting Crunches are a great way to squeeze every last drop of strength out of your stomach muscles.

To do Twisting Crunches, lie on the ground with your knees bent and feet off the floor; place your hands behind your head. As you exhale, curl your upper body forward and rotate your elbow aiming at its opposing knee. Rinse and repeat.

There are many exercises for lower abs and you should avoid using the same routines over and over. try maximizing your workout by forcing your abdominals to adapt by rotating your methods. otherwise, you may find yourself reaching a plateau with the same exercises. So, variety can be the magic ingredient in developing your own breakthrough ab workout. Don’t be afraid to try new things, keep doing research and learning new ways to develop your body. most of all, remember to keep going when your will power is low and you will be successful where others have failed.


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