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Rujuta Diwekar, the nutritionist behind Kareena Kapoor’s diet took time off her busy schedule to answer the questions of Sify users. here is the complete chat transcript…

I am hypothyroid with severe weight. How different should my exercise & diet plan be from a normal person’s so as to maximize results ? I am under thyroid medication and am a vegetarian. Thank you
I am writing a chapter on hypothyroid in my next book though I think I could write a book entierly for hypo. Heres what you need to do – start working out and increase intake of vit B, Vit C and calcium. of course you will need to focus on eating often and eating fresh. You can lose weight hypo so dont let anybody tell you otherwise..

I would like to reduce my belly fat
Look fat is not attached to any specific part of your body so the fat on your belly doesnt belong to your belly. it belongs to your entire body. Eat right and workout at least 3 a week to lose body fat.

I want to increase my weight so what i can do
Same thing – focus on eating often and fresh. Eat more at home and avoid long gaps

Hi! i m farha,28yrs height is 5′ 7.5″.i jst got married in feb 2010, and just after 2 months i put on weight. plz tell me how to maintain my self & to lose weight.
Farha – focus on eating at times you were used to at your mum’s place before getting married. Change in meal timing does increase weight ..

I want to lose 5 kg .just suggest me good veg diet chart. i m pure vegetrain which food helps me to reduce weight
Dont think in terms of reducing weight – 5kg/ 10 kgs or whatever .. keep your focus on gettting fitter, stronger, healthier. when your body is healthy and mind is calm – body weight comes at an optimum level, not more, not less.

I need to lose weight as i had hormonal imbalance , pls suggest an ideal diet i was 65 and now 85
Hormonal imbalance is mostly because of nutritional deficiencies. Please focus on eating right and working regularly to stay fit and to keep your hormones in balance..

What do you think is the perfect lunch for a working woman?
Working women should eat what they like eating for lunch – that would be perfect:) Kareena is writing a chapter for working women in my second book..

Do salads constitute the most part of your diet plan?
No!! Please read my book – Dont lose your mind, lose your weight!

Is it healthy to be ‘size-zero’?
Size zero is for clothes andf not for the human body…

Does eating raw food through the day help lose weight?
Ha ha no. but it will surely make you weak and frail. Avoid raw food especially in this season

How can we prevent bloating of stomach caused by eating chickpeas?
By eating it with roti or rice. And drinking water

Does sugar trigger IBS?

How can I do that with the IBS diet?
Eat often and drink water.

There are lots of people who have metabolism problems and may actually be healthy even if they appear overweight, and very weak if they slim down. what’s your response?
I agree with you. if you feel good then thats all that matters. Size doesnt matter:)

I am a diabetic 45 years of age with 85 kgs weight. what shouuld be the diet considering south india rice eater
Eat rice not a problem. the worse thing for diabetes or weight loss is long gaps in meals – just avoid that

My age 50 yrs , ht 173 cms Chest 44 inch wt 90 kg
It’s time we don’t asses ourselves based on age, height and weight. It’s got to be more meaningful. Do you feel fit and energetic? if yes, then all these things are plain numbers. IF you dont then just focus on getting stronger, fitter and energetic and not on some number.

I am 6 Feet and 90kg. Ihave High BP Problrm. Doctor has advised me to reduce atleat 15 Kg of wt. I am working and find tough to go for a walk. Can you suggest any diet palns an meanwhile I am trying to join gym
Yes, do join the gym. Gymming helps to improve heart’s pumping efficiency and thereby reduces BP.

What is the best diet to lose weight fast
there is no diet to lose weight fast. the fastest method to weight loss is sickness. the bigger the sickenss/ illness the bigger the weightloss. Get that? if you want to get fitter – stop weighing yourself. Just workout at a regular timing, sleep at regular hours and eat correct

I have tried so many diets. I am 43 yrs old and weigh 74 kgs. I need to lose 21 kgs. HELP
Get off all diets and adopt lifestyle changes that are long term and sustainable. R u sleeping on time?

Does eating raw food through the day help lose weight?
Ha ha no. but it will surely make you weak and frail. Avoid raw food especially in this season

How can we prevent bloating of stomach caused by eating chickpeas?
By eating it with roti or rice. And drinking water

Is it a good idea to try to slim while pregnant?
Its a good idea to eat right while getting pregnant

Is it okay for a teenager to consume about 5 tsp of sugar per day?
no. it affects absorption of calcium and vit B. also leads to acne. Now which teenager wants to go around with pimples and acne?

Will citrus fruits worsen my acidity?
No. long gaps and stress will

Is it true that thin people are less prone for heart attacks ?
Fit and people within optimum body fat range – women under 25% and men under 20% seem to enjoy better protection from Heart attacks. Its got nothing to do with thin or body weight

Will over weight lead to kidney problems ?
Not really but it does make it difficult for kidneys t function optimally

If we are reducing weight – will it impact on hair loss ? I am facing this
if you are falling short on nourishment it will affect everything – hair, skin, nails – just about everything.

Are you a total veg or do you balance with non veg too ?
Total veg.

What about having tender coconut everyday – will it increase my cholesterol levels
it will decrease bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol

What is the easiest way to detox after gorging?
Getting back to sensible eating:)

Is it essential to have complex carbohydrates or fibre to be slim?
yes but through natural food. Not added fibre or bottled fibre

What is your next book about?
Women and weight loss:)

You have a theory that people should eat the food they ate when they were growing up. Can you elaborate?
The elaboration is in the book – ‘Dont lose your mind, lose your weight’

If I want a personal consultation with you, how do I go about it?
Check out my website

What should be average daily diet to maintain vitamin B12 level in body of middle aged male ?
If you are eating curd/ idli/ dosa/ sprouts / milk/ cheese/ paneer – at least one of these daily then you will receive adequate B 12 . You will need to keep with exercise and regular bedtimes to improve absorption though..

My wife’s haemoglobin is very low and she has cough when sleeping in night ? Dr.Says its due to Gastic trouble. Please guide.
Eating fresh food which is rich in Vit B and C will help her increase heam levels. also she will need to increase protein intake

Hi am danish my age is 23 years n i weigh 99 kgs ,,, how shud i manage manage my weight, my height is 5 feet 10 please advice,,i eat non veg daily and rice in lunch and in dinner
Danish focus on being sensible with food. Dont chase some body weight number

My wife aged 40 yr, height 5 feet 3, weight 46 kg. is it ok?, if less what to do to weight gain
If she feels ok, its ok.

Whether control over the oily food and sugar would make loose weight?

A lady who is fat for 30years can she reduce her weight? How?
Why not? Age is no factor and 30 is anyways VERY young

Can you please suggest, if I use some Aurvedic medicine to reduce Fats to loose weight.
Ayurved is a science of leading a wholesome and meaningful life. it urges the human mind to beyond mundane weight loss and helps to acheive good health and mental balance. if you want to use Ayurved for any specific condition seek help of a qualified and experienced Ayurvedacharya

Will you continue to appear on sify chats?
Ans: yes if Sify wishes:)

can we reduce weight by just making changes in our eating habit? if yes then what should be adopted?
1. Dont drink tea or coffee as first thing in the morning 2. Eat every two hours 3. Eat more when more active and vice versa 4. Last meal should be atleast 2 hours prior to bedtime 5. workout atleast 3 times a week. 6. Stay consistent

I am having BP, can I use any fat burner during my workout for reducing weight Please dont. BP or no BP.

Will eating a banana daily hamper my weight loss plan?
It improves weight loss

Is it true that yoghurt causes phlegm?

Tell us how you helped Kareena get the perfect body
All details in my first book

Do you travel outside Mumbai for consultation?
no, I use the power of internet

Hi rujutha , How can i control my weight when i am eating outside for 5 days in a week
by carrying food from home

I am 43 years male, 6 feet tall & weight is 82 kg. I play tennis for 70 min. in a day & swim an hour twise a week. I am trying hard but my weight is not decreasing
Try eating better and especially post workout and post tennis meals. And congrats on playing so regularly:)

How do you personally stay fit? How do you drive up the discipline to exercise and diet?
By doing the same things that I ask of my clients. Discipline is something that one is born with and grows up with. Its got more to do with your upbringing and values in life. As a nutritionist I have been fortunate to work with people who are disciplined individuals..


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  1. Hi Rujuta,
    I am a 21 yr old women. My problem is that i am underweight(wt:46, ht;5″3, bmi:18)a\ nad am fiding it difficult to gain weight. So could u please a suggest a diet plan & an exercise especially a walking regime to gain weight and stay healthy.

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